8 Alternative Treatments for Depression

In 2012 I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

It came as a complete shock to me! 

Even though I had been suffering all of my life...

I thought I was just a sad person…

I didn’t know I was depressed.

The Doctor said that there was no cure.

And my only option was to take anti-depressants.

I’ve always been against taking medication to heal problems within the body.

Medication has never sat well with me for anything.

So, when the Doctor offered me pills, I said no.

The Doctor tried to push them on me and told me there was no other way.

I broke down in tears thinking that this was it.

This was the end of my life.

And I would have to suffer at least another 50 years with depression.

But, after sitting with my bazillion thoughts about what to do…

I realised there must be another way!

I had heard about people healing their bodies of illness with fruits and vegetables…

So, I thought, ‘there must be alternative treatments for depression!’.

This is where my journey to healing and curing depression began.

How Can I Treat Depression Naturally?

8 alternative treatments for depression that work!

In 2012 after my diagnosis, I started to spiral down into a deep depression.

It’s quite ironic that a diagnosis and a label caused me to spiral deeper into this depressive state.

I hit rock bottom in August 2012.

And I didn’t want to go on.

Little did I know, that this rock bottom would be my turning point.

I spent 3 months out of work and out of life.

I just slept and cried…

Slept and cried.

Then my boss at the time persuaded me to go back to work.

I really didn’t want to, as that job created a lot of stress and depression for me.

But, hesitantly, I went back to work.

I made an agreement that I would start therapy for 1 hour a week until I felt better.

6 weeks of therapy and I was feeling a lot lighter!

I had never talked to anyone about how I felt…

So, the talking really helped!!

But, it didn’t cure my depression.

It was still there.

This led me to look for new alternative treatments for depression…

Not the usual therapy or medication.

I was amazed to find that there are many natural treatments for depression!!

What are alternatives to therapy?

Although I was amazed and so happy to find alternative ways to heal depression.

I also felt waves of anger and frustration that I had not been told about these treatments earlier.

I almost took my own life because of depression…

And these alternative treatments were never revealed to me until I searched myself.

I felt the feelings of anger towards the Doctors I had seen...

But then I let it go.

I now had the answers, I didn’t need to dwell on my anger any longer.

So, now it was time to start trialling all the new treatments I had found.

I will state here that everyone is different and different treatments will work differently for different individuals.

But, I will also say, that after all of my years of research, there was a very noticeable pattern to treatment for depression.

In my own experience and the women I worked with, had the same thoughts and beliefs about themselves and their lives.

I realised that most people are depressed because of the way they think, past trauma, gut health and lack of self-care.

So, what are the alternatives to therapy and medication?

Well, there are many!!

But, in this article I will talk about the top 8 treatments I found that worked best for me and the women I have worked with.

The top 8 alternative treatments for depression

These are the 8 treatments that I incorporated into my life daily.

After 6 months of daily practice, I healed my depression, anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks and poor physical health.

Yes, it’s true!

I healed my whole body within 6 months of using the practices I am about to explain to you.

Now, these may or may not be new information to you.

Some of them may sound as if they won’t work….

But, my findings proved otherwise.

I realised there are a few main causes to depression..

And the practices that I am about to list help to heal and alleviate these causes.


Self-care is so important for mental and physical health!

I didn’t realise that when I was depressed I didn’t practice any self-care…

Like none!

And when I started to incorporate daily self care into my life….

My mental health started to transform!

I created a self-care list and planner, so that I would stay on track with practicing every day.

The thing is, those who are dealing with depression don’t give to themselves because they feel guilty about it and worry about what others think.

Self-care is not selfish!

Self-care is an important practice that you must carry out very regularly!

Like, really, don’t skip this point!

So, what is self-care?

You can read my blogs about self care here:

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journal as an alternative treatment for depression

As I mentioned earlier, before my therapy sessions, I had never spoken to anyone about how I felt.

No one knew I was depressed, anxious or stressed.

No one knew what I was mentally going through.

This holding onto emotions built up within me.

And over many years manifested into poor mental and physical health.

Think about it….

If you hold onto your emotions, where do they go?

They manifest in your body as illness.

Then this illness shows itself as different symptoms as diseases.

So, it is so very important to let go of your thoughts, emotions and feelings daily!

Yes, daily! A great way to do this is journaling.

I started a journaling practice in 2016 and it transformed my life.

I still journal every day 3 years later…


Well, it keeps my mind clear, lets go of any feelings of stress, anger or sadness.

And enables me to become more self-aware.

I love journaling and I don’t know how I lived so many years without it!If you want to learn more about journaling and the exact method I use, you can check out these articles here:

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When you are depressed, the last thing you will feel is gratitude.

I know this because all I ever thought about was how the world was against me..

And that everything bad was happening to me.

Little did I know, I had a lot to be grateful for.

But, I couldn’t see it.

I couldn’t see it because I only ever focused on the negatives.

I never thought about the positives in my life..

Even though I had many.

If you are anything like I was, you will understand what I mean.

So, why is gratitude important?

Well, gratitude is the highest vibrational emotion you can experience.

And when you are in a high vibrational state, you feel good and more good is attracted to you.

And guess what…

The opposite is also true.

When you are in a low vibrational state, you feel low and you don’t experience the best in life.

And guess which emotion is the lowest in the vibrational scale?

You guessed it…


So, to pull yourself up the emotional scale, you can practice gratitude.

And when you do, you not only feel better…

But, you start to realise there are actually good things in your life.

So, dedicate just a few minutes each day to practicing gratitude.

It’s super simple!

All you have to do is list things you are grateful for.

And then feel into that emotion of appreciation.

You can do this in your mind, out loud or in your journal.

Personally I like to use my journal.

You can read this blog here on how to start a gratitude journal.

meditate as an alternative treatment to depression

The first time I tried meditation I had a crazy experience!

I had never just sat with myself before.

The first time I meditated, I sat down on the floor and put a guided meditation on.

I closed my eyes and let myself drift off into a meditative state.

I felt as if my body was floating and I was no longer in my body.

My thoughts drifted away and I felt so light.

I felt amazing!

It’s not the norm to feel like this the first time you try.

But, I didn’t have a clue what meditation was or what would happen…

So, it was my lack of understanding that enabled me to let go and meditate.

Most people, and this may be you, worry too  much about what meditation is.

Or if you are doing it right.

When you worry, you create resistance.

And when you are in a state of resistance your mind and body can’t relax.

So, resistance is the opposite to meditation.

Anyway, the more I practiced meditation, the calmer my mind became.

Meditation allows the body to enter a calm state.

A state where your whole body and mind can relax!

And relaxing is something you are not experiencing if you are depressed.

So, I recommend you create a daily practice where you meditate for at least 10 minutes a day.

Here is a blog with my favourite guided meditations inside.


I would say that depression is an opposite to mindfulness.

When you are depressed you are mindless in your everyday life.

You are not paying attention to the beauty around you..

You tend to stay locked up in your head with your thoughts…

And in your body with your emotions.

So, when you become mindful in life, you start to notice the beauty around you.

You start to notice your thoughts and beliefs.

And you notice the way you talk and interact with others.

Mindfulness is an important tool in the healing of depression.

And I talk extensively about it on my blog and in my eBook Free Your Mind.

I attribute so much of my healing to mindfulness.

If you want to learn more about you can read these blogs here:

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Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are a powerful way to reprogram the way you think, believe and talk.

This is why positive affirmations are a great way to help heal depression.

People with depression have negative thoughts which cause them to feel guilt, shame, sadness and worry.

Positive affirmations help to change the way you think so that you can feel better.

And in turn heal and alleviate depression.

I used positive affirmations daily when I started healing.

And I still use them now to reprogram any unhelpful beliefs I have.

You can learn more about positive affirmations and how to use them here:

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improve gut health as an alternative treatment to depression
Gut Health

The health of your gut is directly linked to your physical and mental health.

If you have poor gut health, then it is more than likely you have poor physical and mental health.

When I started healing my depression, I followed a gut healing protocol that I made specific to me.

I followed an elimination diet, added gut healing foods and supplements.

When my gut healed, my physical and mental health also healed.

I have done many hours of research on gut health and whole body health.

And the scientific data is there to prove the link.

If you want to learn more about gut health, diet and supplements, in relation to mental health, you can read these blogs here:

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Reprogramming Beliefs

As I mentioned earlier, people with depression think in a negative way.

Their thought patterns are distorted.

They ruminate about the past.

And they worry about what people think of them.

They tend to have low self-worth.

And feel guilty about doing things for themselves.

They are usually people pleasers, in a hope that people will like them.

And they crave love and praise from others to feel good enough.

All of these thoughts and beliefs are unhelpful in feeling good.

To feel good, you must have positive thoughts and beliefs.

When you have positive thoughts and beliefs, you feel good and act from a positive place.

When you act from a positive place, you get positive results.

And the cycle continues.

This is also true for negative thoughts.

If you think negative, you feel negative.

If you feel negative, you act from a negative place.

When you act from a negative place you yield negative results.

Can you see the pattern here?

Think positive, live a positive life.

Think negative, live a negative life.

It’s the law of the Universe.

SO, if you are depressed, how do you go from thinking negatively to thinking positive?

You reprogram your neural pathways in your brain.

To put that more simply, you retrain your brain to think positive thoughts.

Yes, you can do this.

I am living proof…

And there are many other people that have done the same.

I have helped many women to reprogram their thoughts and beliefs.

And I helped them to do this in The Positive Thinking Academy.

If you are ready to transform your mind and life, I invite you to join us inside The Positive Thinking Academy.

You can click here to read more about The Academy.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

Sending Love,



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