Mental wellness planner

The printable planner that will help you to improve your mindset, happiness and well-being.

The printable Mental Wellness Planner is perfect for you if you want to feel happier, healthier and more positive in life.

This planner will enable you to set goals, create healthy habits, mental wellness and keep track along the way.

But, this is more than just a planner! You will get information on each section so that you can understand how to plan and create your goals and healthy habits with ease.

The planner is 60 pages, including daily routine, daily log, weekly reflection, monthly reflection and monthly trackers.


Reader/Customer review

I came across Tia Harding's website on my search for self growth and development and although I have been searching far and wide for some time now, I find myself always coming back to Tia and referencing her workbooks and freebie sheets as well. I like that I have found someone I can relate with and now that I am searching more and more, someone that a lot of us can relate with. I deal with anxiety. Big time and have dealt with depression and that is something I still work toward improving. What I like about Tia and her resources is how easy it is to follow, there isn't a lot of "fluff" and everything is straight and to the point.

I have used her Mental Wellness Planner and Daily Intention Workbook and absolutely love them! I speak freely and honestly when I say that these tools and resources have helped me out. They have helped me recognize the things I have to be grateful for, the things I need to dig just a little deeper to get to (through positive affirmations) and hold me accountable for my goals and intentions, (through Daily intentions). I follow her lists daily and and recognize that positive thinking lays the foundation of a happy and wholesome life. Thank you Tia for sharing with us your journey and providing resources for those of us on similar paths as you once were. The journey to self growth and development sure isn't always easy, but Tia helps make it easy to remember to do daily, fun and most importantly helps us focus on our selves and to dig deep for our own personal journeys. I highly recommend both the Mental Wellness Planner and the Daily Intention Workbook for those who are ready for a positive life, but just need a little help and guidance to start your way. 

Cheers to love, health and happiness!

what's inside

You'll get 60 pages ready to be downloaded and printed out

The planner includes:

  • Sections to plan and brainstorm.
  • Goal setting info and planner.
  • Healthy habits info and tips.
  • Tips on sleep, diet and exercise.
  • Self-care info, examples and tool kit.
  • Mindfulness info and tips.
  • Positive affirmations info, examples and tips.
  • Gratitude info, examples and log.
  • Mood tracker and info.
  • Trigger tracker and info.
  • Thought log.
  • Wins log.
  • Daily routine planner.
  • Daily log.
  • Weekly reflection.
  • Monthly reflection.
  • Monthly trackers.

each section explained

- GETTING STARTED - This section explains how to use the planner and what to do to get the most benefit.

- MY DREAM LIFE - In this section you have the opportunity to write out your dream life so that you can get crystal clear on what you want to achieve to feel happier.

- BRAINSTORM - This section enables you to brainstorm your ideas from your dream life. You can put everything onto paper to see what areas you need to improve on.

- MY HAPPY LIST - This section enables you to list everything that makes you happy which you can refer back to for days you need uplifting.

- MY BUCKET LIST - Here you will create your bucket list. This will enable you to see what you want to achieve and what habits you need to achieve them.

- GOAL SETTING - This section explains in detail how to set goals correctly. There are goal setting sheets to fill out your goals and break them down into manageable chunks so you will actually achieve them.

- HABITS - This section goes into detail about healthy habits, what they are and how to create them. There is also a sheet to note and break down your bad habits so that you can stop them.

- SLEEP - This section details the importance of sleep and top tips on how to improve yours.

- DIET - This section highlights why you need a healthy diet and tips on what to include in yours.

- EXERCISE - This sections explains how much exercise you should be doing and examples of the types you can do.

- SELF-CARE - This section explains self-care in detail, provides examples and there is a sheet to fill in as your 'tool kit'.

- MINDFULNESS - This section explains what mindfulness is and how it will benefit you, there are also examples to help you get started.

- POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS - This sections explains what positive affirmations are, how to use them and examples of different types.

- GRATITUDE - This section describes what gratitude is and how it will improve your life, there are also examples to help you get started.

- MOOD TRACKER - This section explains why mood tracking is a good idea. There is a mood tracking sheet for you to log your mood daily.

- TRIGGER TRACKING - This section explains how mood is influenced by triggers and how you can spot what triggers your moods. There is a tracking sheet to help you keep track.

- THOUGHT LOG - This section helps you to log and track unhelpful thoughts. It enables you to break them down to see they are not true.

- WINS - In this section you can track all of your achievements, big or small. Keeping a log will improve your mood and show you what you have to be proud of.

- DAILY ROUTINE PLANNER - This is a planner for you to create a new routine of healthy habits, it enables you to see where you can make time for your new habits.

- DAILY LOG - This log is to track your new habits daily, which will keep you on track and motivated.

- WEEKLY REFLECTION - This is a sheet for you to reflect on your past week, to see what went well and not so well.

- MONTHLY REFLECTION - Here you will reflect on your past month to evaluate how you are getting on and where you can improve.

- MONTHLY TRACKERS - This section includes 12 trackers (Jan - Dec) where you can mark off each day that you have completed a new habit. Then at the end of the month you can see how well you have done. This method encourages you not to miss a day, which in turn keeps motivation and success high.

plan & track

Plan and track your goals and healthy habits using the daily routine planner, goal setter, daily log, weekly reflection, monthly reflection and monthly trackers!

This planner makes creating new healthy habits easy!

Download in an instant, print off and start planning your way to your best self with ease!

so are you ready?

Are you ready to become organized, motivated and driven to improve your mindset, happiness & health?

Do you want to create new goals and healthy habits and have fun achieving them?

Are you ready to finally become the best version of you?

If that's you, then this wellness planner is for you!

Get yours now for $11!

Your download includes:

> 1 PDF file with 60 pages in A4 size Mental Wellness Planner.

> 1 PDF file with 60 pages in A5 size Mental Wellness Planner.

> 1 PDF file Copyright.

> You will be able to download and print off your Mental Wellness Planner instantly.


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