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If you change your thoughts you can change your life!

I went from depressed and anxious to happy, free and at peace.

Now, I want to help you do the same. Get started on your journey to mental wellness by gaining access to your free resource library below and download awesome printables, affirmations, journal prompts, checklists and more...

Tia Harding

I am the founder and writer behind tiaharding.com

And I am here to help you create mental wellness so that you can become your authentic self and live your best life.

Also.....I LOVE cats, coconut matcha latte, the sun, nature and lay ins.....

Find out more about my story here.

My Digital Shop

I have created a range of eBooks and printables to enable you to create mental wellness with ease. You can check them out below.

Free Your Mind eBook

Free Your Mind

Free Your Mind is a guide on how to practice mindset exercises to create a calm and positive mind.

Journal To Happiness

Journal To Happiness is a guide on how to create a daily journal practice to increase your happiness.

live with intention printable

Live with Intention

Live with Intention is a super cute printable that enables you to set daily and monthly intentions.

Mental Wellness Planner

The Mental Wellness Planners is a printable planner that enables you to plan, set and track new healthy habits with ease.

We are shaped by our thoughts, we become what we think.”

- Buddha

the positive thinking academy

The Positive Thinking Academy is an online video course.  In The Academy you will learn how to create positive thinking, self-confidence and mental wellness to become your authentic self!

Beautiful Souls Say


Crossing Tia‘s path is a life changing experience ! She is very devoted and committed to women's mental happiness. Her Life Story is a Symbol of hope every one facing depression should hear about ! It is really life transforming! It has been for me.



The mindset checklists you made are brilliant, the positive daily checklist I find particularly helpful when I'm stuck in a negative spiral. It takes regular doing, and some days I really have to push myself but my anxiety is dropping and I feel this is to do with having the resources, I can't thank you enough, I really can't.



Tia thank you for saving my life and letting me know that everything does get better! You are not only my role model, but you are my real model because you know exactly what i feel and how to overcome it! Thank you again Tia!


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All blog posts are written to help you create mental wellness, build self-confidence and to help you become your authentic self.

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